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Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development
Act of 1968 (Section 3) ensures that HUD-funded
jobs, training, and contracts are provided to local
low-income residents, particularly those that reside
in public housing, and businesses that substantially
employ them.

Section 3 businesses are:
        a. 51% or more owned by residents of public
housing or persons whose income does not
exceed HUD's local area low-income
limits(i.e. Section 3 residents); or
        b. Comprised of 30% or more full-time
employees who are Section 3 residents; or
        c. Can provide evidence of a firm commitment
to award 25% or more of sub-contracts to
businesses that meet a. or b.
Please visit the "Am I a Section 3 Business?"

The Section 3 Business Registry is a national
registry of businesses that have self-certified to
HUD that they meet one of the definitions of a
Section 3 business.


Section 3 businesses are entitled to a preference for
local HUD-funded contracts. The Section 3 Business
Registry facilitates the notification about HUD-funded
contracts to eligible firms.

Businesses can sign up for the Section 3 Business
Registry at:

PHAs, other HUD grantees, and their
contractors are required to notify Section 3 businesses about the
availability of HUD-funded contracts to
solicit bid proposals. The Section 3 Business Registry is a tool that helps them locate prospective Section 3
businesses. Please visit: to search for local Section 3 businesses.

HUD does not verify that self-certified
businesses in the Section 3 Business
Registry meet one of the definitions, nor
does the Department endorse the services
they provide. As such, PHAs, other HUD
grantees and their contractors are
encouraged to exercise due diligence by
checking the eligibility of businesses in the
Section 3 Business Registry before
providing them preference for HUD-funded

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